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Our adventure with hunting dogs began in 1984, when we bought two German Hunting Terrier – six years old LUNA from Palucka Stolica and puppy IWO Rogowskie Jeziora. In that time, our breeding activity leaned mainly on domestic dogs. Only in the year 2000, when we saw exteriorly perfect and great in usage from south of Europe jagdteriers, we decided to import our first foreign dog - KASO Egerdov. At present, we are basing on imported dogs in the first place. We are aiming at having dogs which combine two features: outstanding exterior and excellent utility. The confirmation of our breeding method’s equity may be the numerous titles aquired by our dogs on different shows and competitions but, above all, the successes scored on huntings. Our kennel’s motto is: “Hunts with exteriorly splendid and useful dogs and The Crown of Hunting (are merits of the hunting)”.